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Alex Morris described by some as the Eeyore of comedy, Alex is the kind of comic that when you see him on stage, you'll feel a wave of pure joy and satisfaction wash over you knowing that this is what you get when Daria and Fat Albert have a love child. His low energy and self-deprecating comedic style invite you to laugh at him as well as with him.

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Adam Yenser is a comedian and Emmy Award-winning writer. For ten years he wrote for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and has appeared on Conan, FOX Laughs, and Gutfeld! Adam was also a freelance contributor to SNL’s Weekend Update, has written for The Oscars, and co-produced the web series “Laugh Lessons with Kevin Nealon.” Adam mixes sharp observational humor with a unique take on politics and has had sketches featured by Daily Wire and The Babylon Bee. He cohosts the Babylon Bee podcast as well as his own satirical YouTube show, The Cancelled News.

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Mike Paramore has a natural ability to infuse everyday situations with energetic, uplifting humor. This, combined with his natural ability to put you at ease is key to his personal brand of comedy. His smooth delivery and powerful punchlines make him a force in stand-up comedy, which is very apparent in both of his "Dry Bar Comedy" specials! Mike has been featured on AXTV's Live at Gotham in NYC, as well as on FOX's hit show "Laughs".

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Jillie Reil aka THE Cougar of Comedy® was raised in rural Minnesota, but as she got older, she felt like her heart was somewhere else. So, she followed her dreams of getting Botox in Southern California and chasing men half her age. Lots of wine boxes, leopard print and college boys later, she has never looked back.

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Bill Devlin is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer. Bill Devlin’s Comedy & Cocktails is one of the longest-running shows at the world-famous Hollywood Improv. Devlin has performed with Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, David Spade and many more. He’s been written about in the Irish Herald, The Irish News, and profiled on NBC’s Today in LA and NPR. Devlin’s TV variety show, The Un-Invited Guests with Bill Devlin, starred Devlin and legend Dom Deluise. He has starred in dozens of TV commercials, feature films, and TV pilots. Devlin has worked with film veterans Tony Goldwyn, Faye Dunaway, Sean Young, Harry Dean Stanton, Ernie Hudson and Ed Asner, to name a few.


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Richard Douglas Jones is a self professed “Southern Fried Nerd". He was a theater kid long before he ever thought of telling his first joke. Richard now entertains crowds both on stage and off, with his weekly podcast Black Nerd Power. Richard has been seen on Comedy Central, The LOL Network, and frequently opens for Hannibal Buress and Patton Oswalt. He has played clubs all over the country and headlined the Memphis and Plano Comedy Festivals!

Stacey Fleurime is a Pittsburgh-based comedian, actor and writer. She has performed at various theaters, clubs, and festivals throughout Pennsylvania and the U.S! When not out making crowds laugh, she's at home writing fictional stories that will hopefully creep them out.

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Beau Lerner is a stand-up comedian from Michigan with long hair and no other distinguishable personality traits. He’s been described as “viciously funny, incredibly talented, and personable” by some and “mildly disappointing” by his parents.


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